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This community hasn't been active for a while, but I'm desperate, so I'm posting anyway.

I've been in the UK on a Student Visa which expires on January 20 (or 21st...I never remember), 2011, but I want to remain in the UK so I applied for a Post-Study Work Visa.

I applied on November 2.

I got a confirmation on November 11.

I haven't heard anything since, and Christmas is next week.

I do NOT want to be stranded in Scotland away from my family on Christmas, but I'm running out of ideas as to what to do. I know I can recall my passport, but that cancels my application, meaning I would have to reapply in the new year, which is extremely expensive to do and I'm not sure if I'd legally be able to work with one expired visa and one visa pending.

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. I'm at my wits end but refuse to give up.

Thank you. :)
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First post

I'm currently in the process of applying for a visa through Swap.

I'm leaving Canada by the end of february, and I do have the required 2500$. As for the insurance, visa fees and plane ticket...well...i'm counting on my credit card and i hope i will have enough money to repay it by february.

But is 2500$ really enough to live in London until I find a job (which i hope will take no more than 3 weeks)?

I'm nervous, and right now, moving from the comfort of my home seems like a bad idea.
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parcels to the UK

Hi guys, I moved to LDN about a month ago, but obviously didn't have enough room in my baggage for all my winter stuff. Now my parents are gearing up to ship a bunch of jackets and boots, but they say all the CanadaPost and FedEx prices they've seen on parcels of about 15k are in the range of $300 (!!!!!).
Can anyone recommend any other good parcel services that would be cheaper?


Weather, Work, and Travel

Hi everyone,

I'm leaving for the UK for 8 months soon (like, Thursday): studying for 5 months and then on a working holiday visa for 3 months.

What I'm worried about is the working holiday you guys know how easy it is to get a temporary job (3 months full time) in London? I've joined SWAP already and have registered with some headhunters, but it seems SWAP jobs are mainly hotel, restaurant, amusement park - service related, and I'm actually more looking for an office job in the transportation planning sector (kind of specific, I know). I'm open to internships to get good experience, but it seems that all internships in the UK are unpaid, with the best reimbursement being lunch and travel expenses. I'm just a bit concerned about being in London on the last 3 months of my stay: homeless, jobless, and friendless!

Also, have any you guys also had the experience of having a working holiday visa when you go into the UK, but asking them not to activate it? As my working holiday visa starts in September, but I will be studying when I first go into the UK in September, and you're not allowed to study on a working holiday visa, I am a bit concerned that the immigration officer will not be happy with me. I don't need a student visa for the 5 months I'm studying, Canadians are allowed to study in the UK for up to 6 months without a visa. Hopefully they deal with these situations all the time, even with the tighter security now, I will not be turned away at the border!

Sorry for the long post...and I appreciate any and all advice!
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traveller's cheques

hi all:

i'll be in england for a little over a month taking a course at oxford. this may seem like a silly question but do you think traveller's cheques are a good way to go? i don't want to bring along too much cash because it just worries me in general. i realize that traveller's cheques are safer but there are many places that don't readily accept them.

thanks in advance.

ps. any travel tips would be greatly appreciated :]

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Hope you don't mind this advertisement, mr/miss moderator!

Just wanted to plug a new community I created -> canadiansabroad. Similar in style to this community - except attracting a broader crowd.
Not much there yet, but there must be other canadians out there in cyberspace blogging from different countries! Good to see all you UK'ers are in one spot :)

So all you travel nuts, add yet another community! Share your stories, post your pictures.

I'm canadian (obviously) and will be heading to New Zealand in November for a year - can't wait!
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Change to Ancestry Visas

Hey everyone!

I know there had been some talk about the UK getting rid of the ancestry visa but it looks like they have just revised it. Here is the basic information:

From 3 April 2006, all grants of entry clearance in the UK Ancestry category will be made for five years, rather than four years as they are now. This mirrors a wider change in the Immigration Rules as part of the government's 'Five Year Strategy for Asylum & Immigration', requiring those in employment routes leading to settlement to spend five years working in the UK before they can apply for settlement.

The change to grants of entry clearance in the UK Ancestry category will continue to allow individuals with UK Ancestry visas to stay in the UK throughout the full qualifying period for settlement without having to renew their leave. In order to take advantage of the five year grants of entry clearance, all applicants in the UK Ancestry category are advised to delay submitting their visa application until 3 April 2006.

You can read more here